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In this video, we will take you on a ride and make you understand the importance of financial security and not depending on only one source of income. Mr Manoj Giri has always shot for triple-digit returns from stock trading, while it is impossible to match that kind of return from selling options.

Mr Manoj Giri explains how to find your Trading Edge, Trading with an Edge, Super Stocks, Characteristics of Super Stocks, trade outcomes, and whether chart patterns really work in the stock market. He also tells us about the misconceptions about trading, such as people think trading is easy, but it is not. He also points out that people think they will earn more if they do more and more trading, but this is actually the misconception about trading in the stock market.

He further explains the four market states through a quadrant - trending- volatile, trending- non volatile, non trending- volatile, and non volatile and non trending. Suppose you are a trend follower; the second quadrant is important for you, i.e., trending and non-volatile. Also, Mr Manoj Giri takes help if the technical charts to find the support and resistance of the stock and trade options accordingly. 

Trading brings money, but just relying on it can be harmful, so watch the full video to understand the outcomes of leaving your job for trading. Find your Trading Edge in the Stock Market and sustain your wealth for the long term. He will tell us about his personal life situations that made him change his mind and decisions.

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Mr. Manoj Giri

He has successfully traded in options after his MBA & generated consistently good returns before migrated to Stocks Trend Following Strategy Equity/cash market gives big return’s opportunity with respect to amount of risk. He has always shot for triple digit returns from stock trading while it is utmost impossible to match that kind of return from options selling.
Mr. Vivek Bajaj

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Vivek Bajaj