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Banking Awareness Book for Beginners

A comprehensive handbook to enhance your banking awareness

In this FREE guide,
you will get detailed information like

Banking Awareness Book for Beginners
  •   Opening & operating a bank account
  •   Types of deposits for short and long term investment
  •   Various transaction channels and money remittance services
  •   Important security guidelines to safeguard your account from fraudsters
  •   insights on using credit cards, concepts on credit score & much more.

Banking Awareness Ebook Details

Are you new to the world of banking? Would you like to gain insights into the banking industry, its various sectors in India, and how banks operate to generate profits? Explore how these sectors work in the banking and financial sector through our banking awareness book pdf.

This E-Book offers essential knowledge on banking, financial institutions, products and services provided by the bank and more…

You have various chapters with each explaining a certain topic in detail.

Types of Deposits

Wish to understand the basics of Bank accounts? Learn in detail about savings, current, loan accounts, FD’s and more in detail.

Banking Transactions

Banks offer their services through various channels which helps them to serve their customers better. Some of its types include Branch Banking, Online Banking, ATM Channels, NEFT, RTGS and more. Dive into some complete insights about all of them in detail throughout E-Book.

Safety Rules and Guidelines

In this basic banking knowledge pdf, you will learn about the different types of risks involved in operating a bank account.

Security Guidelines for ATM Pins, Identifying fictitious emails and calls, Forged Notes, Ponzi Schemes and more are a few issues that everyone should be aware of. This E-book will provide you with exactly what you need to be aware of concerning these and how to handle them if you face one.

Do’s and Dont's of Operating a bank account

Various specific guidelines need to be followed while operating in this banking system.

Some of the major do’s include keeping the password safe and simple, maintaining a minimum balance and trying to avoid public networks while net banking.

Some major NOs include not signing any blank cheques, staying away from clinking on any unknown bank links and sharing Otp’s.

Read about everything in detail through this banking book PDF free download.

Read the entire ebook and become informed and aware of the banking system.

Download this basic banking knowledge pdf for free now!

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