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Introduction to Banking

Safety Rules And Guidelines

As mentioned previously, Satish's friend had lost his wallet and within a few minutes, a substantial sum of money was withdrawn from his account. So Satish was very concerned about how to keep his account secured and make sure he doesn't have to face such a situation. After hearing about certain ways to keep his account safe from the bank representative in his previous visit to the bank, he wanted to know more. He researched online and this is what he learned. 

Security guidelines to follow regarding ATM card and PIN

A lot of fraud takes place by misusing the ATM card and the PIN because it is an easy way to take out cash. Hence, keeping them safe is most essential. Customers should take the following safety measures:

  • Observe the surroundings before using an ATM. If the machine is obstructed or the ATM area is poorly lit, customers should avoid using that ATM.
  • No one else should be there in the ATM apart from the customer himself/herself, not even the security guard. The customer should not use an ATM in the presence of anyone else. 
  • Always shield the screen or keyboard while using the ATM so that the PIN and other details are not visible to anyone else, even to the CCTV camera. 
  • Keep the card, cash, and receipt safely immediately after using the ATM. Customers are advised to take a few seconds to do this before leaving the ATM vestibule. 
  • Always keep the card in a safe place and neatly to avoid damage or theft. 
  • Never write down the PIN anywhere. The PIN should be memorized.
  • While choosing a PIN, avoid numbers that can be easily guessed such as the customer's own birthday, anniversary, spouse's birthday, telephone number, etc. 
  • Always change the PIN issued by the bank.
  • Under any circumstance, if the customer feels that the PIN has been compromised, the customer should immediately visit an ATM and change the PIN.
  • If the customer feels that the card security has been compromised at any moment, the customer should immediately call the bank, block the card, and request the issuance of a fresh one. 
  • Always collect ATM receipts for cash withdrawals and check the same against the transaction of the account. This can be done easily using net banking. 
  • The customer should always register their phone numbers with the bank and sign up for SMS alerts to receive SMS about transactions. This will help them identify any wrongful transactions immediately.

Using ATM cards internationally

Customers often use ATM cards at international ATMs. However, this makes their card susceptible to fraud in a foreign land. This is why many banks do not allow international usage. Customers should take extra caution while using their ATM card abroad and never use it if they feel vulnerable. 

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