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Basics of Elliott Wave


  • R.N Elliott's Masterworks by Robert R. Prechter, Jr
  • The Magic and Logic of Elliott Waves by Hemant Kale and Dr Shriang Joshi 
  • Mastering Elliott Wave: Presenting the Neely Method: The First Scientific, Objective Approach to Market Forecasting with Elliott Wave Theory by Glenn Neely 
  • Mastering Elliott wave Principle by Constance Brown 
  • Fibonacci Applications and Strategies for Traders by Robert Fischer

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Rejo Panicker

This document is curated by Mr Rejo Panicker. He is a passionate student of the market since 2017, pursuing a full-time trading career. He has a keen interest and understanding of the Elliott Wave Theory. Through his learning and experience he aims to create newer highs in the markets and aims to break Mr Dan Zanger's record.