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Where Does Blockchain Work?

Ever wondered where this blockchain technology works? Let's take one of the most successful blockchain applications, i.e., Bitcoin Blockchain, to see how it worked well.


Shared Beneficial Ownership

Bitcoin Blockchain is owned by the public, striving to build a decentralised financial system where trust is built in a democratic fashion. While Bitcoin was initiated by smart hackers, it was scaled by the tech community and eventually became mainstream, because it seemed to help the whole world and everyone had an equal opportunity to build their businesses around it (like all miners, bitcoin exchanges, etc). Wikipedia, Linux and several other open and crowd-sourced platforms have scaled in a similar fashion.


Independent Mining Achieves Trust

Blockchain does not create trust inherently. Several nodes independently validating all transactions, for some incentive, build trust in a Blockchain.The reason that Bitcoin transactions are so trustworthy is because the Blockchain app has enough independent miners  all  over the world carrying out mining activities in great numbers.


True decentralisation

Bitcoin is truly decentralised. There is no central point of failure. There is no dependence on 1 person, 1 node, 1 company, 1 Ceo, 1 nation, or 1 leader.


No Contract Among Transacting Parties

While doing a Bitcoin transfer, payee and payer do not need to know each other. They do not need to have a legal agreement between them defining terms and conditions of their transaction.


Some Other Factors:

  • There are other factors that need consideration, including, multiple parties executing the transactions, transparency of transactions acceptable to all parties, public or private blockchain, etc.
  • If you can see several/all of the above factors in your Blockchain use case, there is a higher probability that it can work.

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Kunal Nandwani

Kunal is a serial entrepreneur and serves as the co-founder and CEO of uTrade Solutions - an India origin Global Fintech product firm, Hashcove – a UK based Blockchain Solutions firm, and Cove Identity – an internet decentralised digital identity platform. 

Kunal also runs a sustainability focussed crowdsourced initiative called Earthr Foundation. Kunal also cofounded Chandigarh Angels Network Prior to starting his own ventures,Kunal has worked with Lehman Brothers, Nomura and BNP Paribas in London. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from PEC (India) and MBA from ESSEC (Paris). Kunal has written and published books on Blockchain & Bitcoin called "Squaring the Blockchain Circle" and on social impact start-ups “Sociopreneur: Zero to One”