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Equity Linked Saving Scheme (ELSS Funds)


Equity Linked Saving Schemes have been popular tax saving investments  for many years now, and its popularity continues to  grow every year. The solid advantages that it offers, including tax saving and opportunity to gain high returns, are the reasons for this popularity.


An ELSS can be purchased very easily like any  other mutual fund, either online through the website of the mutual fund or the distributors, or in the traditional offline way by filling up a form and issuing a cheque. This hassle- free way of investing and redeeming will enable you to invest and redeem  the fund quickly once the lock-in period is over. This is another reason why people love ELSS.


So, go ahead and choose the best tax saving mutual fund (ELSS) for yourself, and get the opportunity to build wealth by staying invested in  the  fund for the long term.

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