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Financial Literacy

Steps In The Investment Planning Process

The investment planning steps are as follows:- 

  • Find when and how much you are saving
  • Set your financial goals
  • Analyze your risk taking ability
  • Create a savings portfolio
  • Learn about all investment options
  • Calculate your asset allocation
  • Know how to build your portfolio

What are the various products available for investment?

There are different investment options available for an individual investor, which can be differentiated on the basis of -

  • Time duration
  • Risk appetite of the investor

As per the data below, the following products are the most popular investment options in India - 


Financial Assets of the Indian Households (2012-2019)


Which are the various Women-Centric Investment Products available in the economy nowadays?

Banks have developed numerous products that provide special benefits to women, so as to increase their financial inclusion.

These products can be classified into the following categories -


1. Bank Deposits 

Banks provide exclusive facilities to women who want to keep accounts in banks. These include -

  • Negligible minimum balance maintenance;
  • No-cost debit cards; and 
  • Free account provisions for children, etc..

2. Borrowings

When women apply for loans for the following purposes, they can enjoy lower rates of interests -

  • Marriage expenses for their children;
  • Children’s education; and
  • Treatment for cancer or pregnancy-related diseases, etc..

3. Insurance 

Insurance companies provide various endowment policies at lower premium rates if they are taken up by women.
They may also provide coverage for pregnancy-related doctoral procedures and treatment of women-centric diseases and health problems.

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