How to Evaluate a Mutual Fund Scheme Performance? – Equity

Whether you are planning to invest in a mutual fund or have already invested in one, tracking the scheme’s performance is essential. By following the mutual fund’s performance, you will be able to understand the right time to invest or the right time to redeem. 


The performance of equity mutual funds can be measured in various ways, the most important being:


1. Alpha
2. Beta
3. Expense Ratio
4. Rolling Returns
5. Treynor’s ratio


We have discussed all of the above in the earlier chapters of this module. 


Now let us take a quick look at the top equity mutual funds in India – divided category-wise. 


Large-Cap Equity Mutual Funds:


Mid-Cap Equity Mutual Funds:



Small-Cap Equity Mutual Funds:



Data were taken on 31.10.2021

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