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Guide to Mutual Funds

What are the objectives of AMFI?

In the previous section, you have learnt about AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds in India)

Now, let’s understand the objectives of AMFI.

Given below are some of the objectives that AMFI has been set up:

  • To outline the ethical and uniform professional standards for every mutual fund operating under the association.

  • To encourage its members and investors to maintain ethical business practices and regulations.

  • To get   AMCs, agents, distributors, advisories and other bodies involved in the capital market to comply with their guidelines.

  • To assist investors in expressing their grievances and registering complaints against a fund manager or the fund company.

  • To distribute information on the Mutual Fund  Sector and conduct research and workshops on various funds.

  • To  spread awareness about the regulations regarding safe mutual fund investments throughout the country.

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