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Guide to Mutual Funds

Mutual Fund Advisors

Mutual fund advisors are professionals who assist investors in choosing the right mutual funds. They create personalized strategies based on the investor's risk tolerance, financial goals, and investment timeline. These advisors analyze the market and select a mix of mutual fund schemes that match their client's objectives. 

They stay updated on market trends and help clients with buying or selling funds when needed. Additionally, they advise on adjusting portfolios by adding, increasing, or redeeming SIPs to seize opportunities or address challenges in the market.

The source of earnings is a commission that they get from the Fund House.

How can you become one?

Becoming a mutual fund investment advisor is simple. According to the rules of the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI), you need to follow these steps:

-Clear the NISM series VA Mutual Fund Distributors Certification exam.

-Obtain an ARN number.

-Once you pass the exam, apply for an ARN (AMFI Registration Number) through CAMS-KRA.

-You'll receive your AMFI number and card at your registered address shortly after passing the exam.

Roles of mutual fund advisors

  • Mutual fund distributors evaluate investors' needs, resources, and goals and hence fill the gap between the risk and the required reward.

  • Create a suitable plan for asset allocation based on this analysis, and then select mutual fund schemes that fit the investor's situation.

  • Suggest any change that is required in the middle of the investment journey as per the goal and changes.

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