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Health Insurance

Health Risks

Uncertainty is the only certain element in one’s life. This explains why some people are always in a hurry to achieve, succeed, and ensure complete financial security for their loved ones. Sadly, health gets ignored in the daily grind of life. While we all have been taught the importance of the age-old adage “Health is Wealth”, people always tend to ignore and undermine the need for maintaining good health in the pursuit of wealth. 


Common health problems affecting Indians:


Indian society is fraught with lifestyle problems stemming from smoking habits, drinking culture, sleeping late at night, eating junk food, dependence on vehicles even for traveling short distances, etc. Those with smoking and drinking habits have to pay greater amounts of premiums on non-smokers and non-drinkers. This explains why some insurance companies require their customers to go through certain essential medical tests before deciding on their health insurance proposal.


For example, Anmol Jha, a resident of Bihar, is a chain smoker. Little does he realize that his smoking habits will make him prone to serious health problems. Anmol Jha opts for a health insurance plan sold by a private insurance company after going through all the policies being sold in the market and comparing their features and benefits. The insurance company he has chosen agrees to sell health cover to customers with smoking habits too subject to the condition that the customers have to undergo a complete medical checkup as prescribed in the terms and conditions of the policy. Anmol will have to bear the expenses of the medical checkup before buying the policy.


Now, Anmol has two options. Either he assents to the idea of getting through a thorough health checkup as prescribed by the insurance company or opts for a different insurer that does not seek any medical test before selling the policy. However, in either case, Anmol being a smoker will have to pay higher premiums if he wishes to avail of the benefits of having a health insurance plan to ensure health coverage for himself and his loved ones. 


Pollution is another reason that makes an increasing number of people susceptible to health hazards. A sedentary lifestyle adds to the existing list of disorders affecting Indians of all age groups unbiased of their economic conditions. Some common illnesses that most Indians are afflicted with include:


  • Respiratory Problems;
  • Gastrointestinal Diseases;
  • Obesity;
  • Cancer;
  • Cardiovascular Disorders;
  • Hormonal Imbalance;
  • Food Allergies;
  • Mental Illnesses. 

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