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Health Insurance

Important Considerations While Buying Critical Illness Insurance

Every critical illness plan has its own set of features and benefits, which means that not all plans would cater to your specific needs in future. Apart from reading the list of critical illnesses included in the policy, there are certain necessary factors that must be considered before paying for your choice of the plan. These include: 


  • The extent of the survival period;
  • Waiting period clause;
  • Number and kinds of illnesses covered;
  • Inbuilt coverage benefits;
  • Clause against pre-existing disorders;
  • Amount of Sum Assured;
  • Claim Settlement Ratio of the insurance companies. 

Top Critical Illness Plans Sold By Insurance Companies

Not all insurance companies sell critical illness plans. Also, each critical illness insurance policy differs from the other in feature, benefits and premium prices. Some of the best critical illness plans include:


  • Bharti AXA Smart Health Critical illness Policy;
  • Care Health Insurance Critical illness Policy;
  • Apollo Optima Vital Health Insurance Policy;
  • Max Bupa CRITICARE Policy;
  • HDFC ERGO Critical Illness Policy. 

Critical Policy Exclusions

Though having a critical illness policy helps, there are certain disorders that no critical illness insurance plan covers. Also called policy exclusions, these are:


  • Any critical illness detected within the first three months of buying the policy;
  • If the patient dies within a month of being diagnosed with the critical illness;
  • Any disorder stemming from addiction problems including dependence on cigarettes, alcohol or drugs;
  • Any disease resulting from congenital problems;
  • Problems stemming from complications during childbirth or cesarean infections;
  • Sexually transmitted diseases including HIV or AIDS;
  • War or terrorist activities;
  • Cosmetic surgery;
  • Treatment of infertility problems;
  • Gender reassignment surgery;
  • Treatment carried out in any foreign country.

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