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Portfolio Management


​When it comes to investing, managing one’s portfolio is the key to finding long-term stability. Portfolio management is more complex than we imagine. It is not only about managing one’s money – it involves much more such as assessing risk, measuring returns, diversifying the portfolio and other things. 


This is why we have designed this module to help you understand the various nuances of portfolio management on a DIY basis. 


In this module you will learn:

1. What is a portfolio?
2. What is portfolio management?
3. Objectives of portfolio management
4. Who should opt for portfolio management and why?
5. Portfolio risk and return
6. Asset allocation
7. Portfolio diversification
8. Types of portfolio management
9. Different investment styles
10. Steps to follow for portfolio management
11. Measuring portfolio performance
12. Portfolio management for risk-averse investors
13. A few helpful tips for portfolio management


So, let us understand each of the above points starting from the next unit onwards. 

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