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Portfolio Management

Who Should Opt. For Portfolio Management And Why?

We know you are wondering if portfolio management is meant for you. Don’t worry. You are not alone. 


This is one of the most frequently asked questions by investors. You should consider portfolio management if you fall into any of the criteria mentioned below:


  • Have limited time: If you live a busy life and have no time to monitor your investments regularly, then handing them over to a professional for management may be a good idea. While a portfolio does not need to be looked after daily, it has to be monitored at regular intervals, especially when the markets are choppy or some global incident is taking place. In case you have no time to allocate, it is always ideal to let a professional handle it for you. 
  • Limited knowledge: In case you are new to the world of finance and think that you do not have sufficient knowledge of different asset classes such as shares, mutual funds, commodities, ETFs, etc, then letting a professional do the job may be more ideal. You can benefit from their expertise.
  • Want to diversify your portfolio: If you want to diversify your portfolio, portfolio management is definitely meant for you. Diversification requires knowledge of multiple markets, which may take years of experience to master. 
  • Participate in different asset classes: Sometimes as a retail investor, it is difficult to participate in markets that require high capital such as real estate. Moreover, having global exposure and making the best of opportunities available in other global countries may not be feasible. Opting for professional portfolio management helps retail clients to make use of such opportunities and participate in such markets.

However, please keep in mind that at the end of the day, it is your money that is being invested. Hence, even if a professional portfolio manager manages your portfolio, overseeing the entire process at regular intervals is always suggested. 

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