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Stock Market Terminologies

Financial System

What is a Financial System?

First, let us get a basic idea of the financial system. In any country, economic resources are limited & scarce, with individuals having unlimited wants & desires. However, it is a challenge for the economy to determine when, where and whom to distribute its resources. Therefore, it resulted in a financial system structure capable of efficiently allocating the economic resources to stimulate growth & prosperity in the economy. 


A financial system is a set of economic arrangements where several financial institutions facilitate the transfer of funds between borrowers, investors & lenders. The goal is to distribute economic resources efficiently and effectively to promote growth within the country.
Some Key features of a financial system are: 

  • It consists of institutions like banks, insurance companies & stock exchanges that permit the exchange of funds between borrowers and lenders.
  • It offers investors the ability to grow their wealth & assets.
  • It serves as a catalyst that provides opportunities such as providing savings options through banks, bringing liquidity to financial markets through stock exchanges & protecting investors from any financial risk through insurance companies.  

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