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Succession Planning

Registration Of Will

Now that we have decided both witness and executor of the will, it is time to register the will. So, let us learn the process and the importance of registering a will.


  • Registration of the will is the most important part of the Will making. 
  • As stated earlier, it is not mandatory to register a Will but advisable. Will can be registered with the registrar/sub-registrar of assurances in your area by paying a nominal registration fee.
  • The testator has to be personally present at the registrar’s office along with the witnesses for registration. If the registrar/sub-registrar is satisfied with the documents furnished, an entry will be made in the register with the year, month and date mentioned, and you, the testator, will be issued a certified copy. 
  • Note that once your Will is registered, it is in the custody of the registrar. Therefore it cannot be tampered, mutilated, stolen or destroyed. You are given only the certified copy. In case you need to make changes in your registered Will, it would be better to re-register the amended Will, although it is not compulsory. The new amended will be considered to be a valid one and old Will previously made and registered will be considered invalid. Therefore, whenever you make amendments in the existing old will or make a new will , do not forget to register it.
  • Registration can serve as an evidence of genuineness of the Will in the court in case of legal dispute after the death of the testator.

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