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Succession Planning

Online Or Offline Will

A Will can be written both online and offline, but which one you should consider is dependent on a number of different factors. 

  • If you have a simple and small family structure and you are not having any business but earning a salary and wealth through the same; you may consider making a Will online if there are no complexities involved. 
  • Many online Will writing portals are backed by companies providing legal services that have emerged lately in India, and are cost effective. With the growth of nuclear families, the concept of an online Will is gaining popularity. 

    In most cases the process too is very simple. 

a) Register on the portal 
b) Enter your details in the prescribed form
c) Make payment
d) Receive first draft then finalisation happens and Will is delivered via email or at your address (offered by some companies)


  • Also, you have the freedom to revise the online Will (within a given time frame) if you find it is not drafted as per your requirement or to account for any change in circumstances. 
  • Some Will writing portals also offer add-on services like registration of a Will and appointment of the executor, but it’s not necessary for the customer to get it done by them only.

Who should go for offline Will writing?


In complex cases like the following, it makes sense to take the offline route to make a Will and hire a lawyer or avail services of legal firm: - 


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