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The Warren Buffett Way


About the book


The book is based on the life of the greatest investor of all time, also known as the “Oracle of Omaha”, Mr. Warren Buffett


Buffett is an inspiration for most of the investors and students of finance. And this is for a reason. As we read through this book summary, we would realise that investing “is simple but not easy”. Buffett, although is regarded as a genius, still claims that investing does not require high IQ but high EQ or emotional quotient. How psychologically prepared we are in handling our money determines our investing success.


About the author

ROBERT G. HAGSTROM is a well-known author of financial books.   The Warren Buffett Way, one of his nine books, is a New York Times bestseller that explains the psychology of stock investing for readers around the world. Mr. Buffett is the greatest investor of all time, and this book helps readers comprehend it. 


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The book is a combination of mathematics and psychology learning which are essential for an investor. We highly recommend you to read the entire book. (affiliate link)

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