Interactive Learning Tools

"​I hear, I know. I see, I remember. I do, I understand​"​ - Confucius

In our endeavour to make financial education interactive, interesting, engaging and practical we are putting together an array of financial market tools to make your learning holistic and fun. We believe these tools will improve your understanding of financial markets and will be able to provide true-to-life situations that real markets present everyday. Come engage yourself!

NSE Paathshala

NSE now offers a free virtual trading and investment interface for investors and traders to try out their trading strategies in real time market values.

Option Tools

Learn the oh-so-interesting topic of Options using interactivity, charts, innovative games and challenges, making the learning process exciting, engaging and twice as fun

Spider IRIS

Get a taste of Spider Iris, which provides every trader the power to track important market movements and analyse the market real-time. Track, scan, evaluate, learn and earn!


InvestarIndia is a complete software that allows you to analyse both market fundamentals and technicals. A fine tool that equips you to become a successful trader. Just like they say "Depend on Investar, not the stars"