शेयर बाज़ार की मूल बातें सरल भाषा में (Part 2)

In continuation to our brand new series introduced with the first video on "MarketShala Series | शेयर बाज़ार की मूल बातें सरल भाषा में (Link to Part 1 of the series - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6G0I7nY_1o), we bring before you Part 2 here by our experienced market professionals Vivek Bajaj & Chetan Panchamia.

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Based on our user's valuable queries, we start this video by answering the following question:

01:01 If someone wants to #trade then which section should he trade in?
Cash market
Stocks (under the derivative segment)

Or you can just go ahead in the #Stock Market with any trade?

02:45 Which one is preferable for a retail participant?
 - Intraday Trading
 - Swing Trading

09:02 What is Options and how to trade with Options?

In this video, we will take you a step ahead as a trader and a learner in #Stockmarket.

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