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15 मिनट में जानें, शेयर बाजार से part-time trading करके पैसे कमाने का तरीका |

In our country, a majority of the traders in the stock market are those who do not have the time to do full-time research and analysis. These traders are salaried persons, and they cannot actively trade because of their busy schedules. How can they trade successively? If they cannot take out a whole day for trading, at what time of the day should they participate in the market?

With this video, we will discover how an average day at the stock market begins and how the different markets of the world affect our stock market. We will also find the answers to some basic doubts that part-time traders might have and find solutions to the challenges that a lot of part-time traders might face in their trading activity, with the help of practical examples.

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