6 best Books on Fundamental Investing!

6 best Books on Fundamental Investing!

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1. Security Analysis- https://goo.gl/pr6cLv

2. The Intelligent Investor- https://goo.gl/VmPc9f

3. Learn to Earn- https://goo.gl/QT5QaC

4. Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits- https://goo.gl/DF6tzq

5. Fundamental Analysis for Dummies- https://goo.gl/QS4tRd

6. The Theory of Investment Value- https://goo.gl/Dqgogg

7. Valuation: Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies- https://goo.gl/NdcGgm

8. Ratio Analysis Fundamentals: How 17 Financial Ratios Can Allow You to Analyse Any Business on the Planet- https://goo.gl/LKMqJQ

9. Business Analysis And Valuation: Using Financial Statements- https://goo.gl/VtC5TR

Do you get confused by the terms Ratio Analysis, CAGR, EPS, Asset Turnover Ratio? Does finance give you jittery nerves? This video contains the list of books which will help you know about the stock markets and how to do fundamental analysis.

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