6 steps to start in Stock Market

In this video of the MarketShala series, we have with us, Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder, StockEdge, Elearnmarkets, who will be discussing the six essential steps we can take to start our journey in the stock market for beginners.

Mr. Bajaj will start the video by laying down the six basic steps, followed by a detailed look into the various tools and techniques we can use to successfully accomplish these six steps. These steps are –

  1. Learn the basics;
  2. Define your objective;
  3. Get tools;
  4. Get the right broker;
  5. Continuous learning from experts; and
  6. Become a part of a community.

By understanding these steps, we will provide some solutions of some of the most tough challenges that beginners face when they start out as traders or investors in stock market.

With these steps, we will be able to create an ecosystem, with our products, so that you can learn how to invest in share market successfully.

We will start the video with the first step, which is the most important if we want to begin investing in the stock market successfully – learning the basics, so that we can grasp how the stock market works.

We will discuss the types of resources, like videos, blogs, etc., which can help novices start learning about how to invest in stock market, for beginners. We will see how the Elearnmarkets app can help beginners reach new levels of learning with its paid and free resources.

Next, we will discuss the importance of knowing our objectives of investment and trading before we start our stock market journey. We will discuss the type of courses, and resources, which will help us become experts with the knowledge that aligns us to our goals. We will also talk about the type of traders and investors we can become.

For the third step, we will discuss the use of tools which can help us gain a solid command over the analysis we conduct for our investing, like StockEdge, Investing.com, Trading View, etc. We will also touch upon the various features of the StockEdge web platform as well.

We will, next, discuss the types of brokers and which one we must choose to minimize our brokerage charges. Following this, we will see how Elearnmarkets is a one-stop solution to creating the ecosystem of continuous learning through vlogs, blogs and webinars. Lastly, we will discuss the advantages of joining a community, like StockEdge Club, and how it broadens our knowledge base.