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6 things you should know about Stocks to avoid losses [HINDI]

शेयर्स के बारे में ६ जानकारियां जो आपको होनी चाहिए अगर आप फसना नहीं चाहते | Learn how to select the right stocks to avoid loses:

1. Industry: Gather information about the industry and sector to know the qualitative aspect of the company

2. Product: Know which products the company makes. Is there high demand for the product? If yes, who are its competitors?

3. Company: Know the details about the company. Who are the managers, what is their shareholding pattern etc

4. Management: Know what is the track record of the management, what opinion do people have about the management. Know the sources from where you can gather information about the company and its management

5. Financials: Know the hard numbers about the company like profit, sales, debts and then make decisions on that basis.

6. Investor presentation: Conference calls and investor presentations give you an idea about the upcoming plans of the company. What are the short term and the long term goals of the company. Do the Qualitative and Quantitative analysis about the company and watch this video to know how.

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