9 things to check before buying a stock!

In the attempt to take a buy position at the trigger time, we often get into buying the #stock without its quality assessment. We often ignore certain important points when it comes to #buyingthestock when the #stockmarket is giving the buy signals. You can read our related blog here: https://blog.elearnmarkets.com/assessing-quality-stock-before-investing/

In this video we have discussed all such important topics and many more topics related to buying the stock.

However, before buying any stock, it is essential for an investor to analyse the fundamentals of the stock. Also, one needs to understand that what are the factors that makes that particular company worth your portfolio. 

A stock for a long-term investor should be treated as a part of a company or a business. So, if the business does well, there is high probability of your stock doing well. The business does well when the management running the business consistently do great work and take the company to greater heights.

The retail investor holds just a minuscule #share in the company’s total capital and largely depend on the decision-making pattern of the management of the company.

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