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A to Z of the New Reliance Industries

In our first video of the InvestShala series, we have with us Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder, StockEdge, Elearnmarkets, who will start this series with a thorough fundamental analysis of Reliance Industries shares with Mr. Saket Mehrotra.

The InvestShala series aims to provide micro-learnings to answer an essential question of how to invest in the stock market with the right knowledge and tools and techniques of fundamental and technical analysis.

Mr. Bajaj will describe how he will carry out these videos to explore the various stocks and sectors which novice investors and traders can use to plan our investment or trading journey. In our first video, we will be focusing on Reliance Industries, an established company which started the investment culture in India, and has evolved to adapt to the dynamic global scenario of the stock markets.

Mr. Bajaj will carry out his case study of analysing the Reliance Industries share prices with Mr. Saket Mehrotra, an analyst, with whom we will take a deep dive into the history of Reliance, to explore the reasons behind exactly why the Reliance Shares definitely cannot be missed out on by any informed investor.

Mr. Mehrotra will start this discussion with his viewpoint of why Reliance is a good stock to watch out for, with examples of the company’s major achievements over the years. Apart from constantly innovating and setting ambitious targets for its development, Reliance has set out the tone for its great development as a company, as well as a suitable investment avenue for most of us.

We will start our analysis with a detailed timeline of the events which have helped Reliance become the behemoth of a company that it is today. Following this, we will discuss the presence of Reliance in the Retail space in the Indian and global markets. We will go through the various actions that have helped Reliance create immense shareholder wealth over the years.

We will talk about how Reliance has expanded its universe by carrying out successful acquisitions over the years and how they have help Reliance build more on their success. We will look into the major sources of Reliance’s growth in value, like media, retail, and the energy business.

We will next justify this analysis with the usage of some fundamental parameters to show how Reliance is on its way to become one of the biggest companies in various sectors like data, energy, etc.