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Algo और Quant Trading क्या होता है ? जानें Subhadip Nandy से|

In this Face to face series "Algo और Quant Trading क्या होता है? जानें Subhadip Nandy से |" Co-Founder of #Elearnmarkets & #StockEdge Vivek Bajaj and Subhadip Nandy will discuss Quants & Algo in very simple language!

In this video, get to know how Mr. Nandy has started off with his journey in the markets. He said at 18 years he developed an interest in the markets, at first in which he used to apply in New Issues and then his first visit to Calcutta Stock Exchange got him hooked to the #StockMarkets.

Later in this video, Dada explained when we just concentrate on Normal Technical Analysis we learn Trend & Momentum but there is another thing which is called Volatility, which predicts the volatility of stock through which a prediction can be made.

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