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Art of Investing by Sajal Kapoor

In this video, Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder, StockEdge, Elearnmarkets, will shift his focus towards the basics of investing with Mr. Sajal Kapoor, an expert investor, who will decode the art of stock market investing with us.

This video is for those who are looking to learn stock market investing, by discussing the essentials for the success of retail traders in the Indian Stock Market. Mr. Kapoor will first discuss his background, and how his experience in various sectors shaped his perspective as a market investor.

Mr. Kapoor will share his framework for investing, and how it has changed over the years, with an informational PowerPoint presentation.

We will discuss the seven pillars of Mr. Kapoor’s framework, which he uses to make investment decisions, which include –

  1. Circle of competence;
  2. Management;
  3. Industry structure;
  4. Business economics;
  5. Psychology;
  6. Narrative and numbers; and
  7. Cycle and valuations.

We will first discuss the basics of the circle of competence and how knowing its boundaries can help traders and investors make the best decisions for their portfolio management.

We will also talk about how we can identify our circle of competence to identify the right investment avenues for our wealth creation.

Next, we will understand the importance of having a strong grip on how the management is working to make the company better, and Mr. Kapoor will discuss the various techniques he uses to identify a good management in a company, and the warning signals should investors be looking for before investing in the company.

Moving to the industry structure, we will discuss why this factor is an important one to consider before we choose the sectors we want to invest in, and how we can evaluate an industry beyond Porter’s Five Forces model.

Along with this, we will understand some basic business economics which we need to know to know how companies and their financial figures can be affected by macroeconomic events.

Moving ahead, Mr. Kapoor will discuss the basics of how we can improve our psychological mindset as a retail investor, and he will discuss some examples of how the basics of psychology can work in our favour when it comes to making the right investment decisions and identifying the red flags in potential investment avenues.

Next, Mr. Kapoor will highlight the importance of how the financial ratios of a company should reflect its overall performance in the stock market, and the basics of the various economic cycles which retail investors should know.