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Diwali Special: Shri Ramesh Damani reveals where to Invest NOW

In this video, Shri Ramesh Damani will show you the exact picture of the stock market and the businesses that are constantly being subject to time, technology and trends. He further goes on explaining the reason for such evaporation of businesses over time, and factors that you should consider in the future before investing in the stock market.

Mr. Damani goes further explaining how the growth of one particular industry will lead to the shortfall of others, given the changing time, technology and trends in the economy. He has also given a few examples of the business which rules the economy at a point of time and has now completely lost their existence. So the hear from him, that under such a scenario, what should be your take on investment in the stock market.

Further in the video, you will understand the secret to create wealth and the importance of getting into long term investment for creating wealth.

He further emphasizes the habits of investing early and the way you can increase your invested amount considerably through the power of compounding.

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