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क्या शेयर बाजार में stock tips से पैसे बनते हैं?

Mr. Vivek Bajaj, Co-founder of StockEdge, Elearnmarkets, and Kredent Money, talks to us about some interesting events that changed his perspective on certain things.

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He met with someone who actually works with the infamous tip-providing companies. There are thousands of people without employment opportunities who work in such companies. Mr. Bajaj talks about the things he learned about these companies - the modus operandi behind such operations and how these people earn money by simply providing tips. He discovers how these stock tips are not able to generate revenue for clients because of their impulsiveness and the incorrect application of such stock tips.

With this, Mr. Bajaj talks about the importance of building temperament in the market, which comes from maturity and experience in the market. Mr. Bajaj moves ahead with an interesting conversation with another StockEdge user, who is using the app to its full capacity to aid his trading. He ends the video with advice for aspiring traders that can help them use StockEdge to achieve their goals.