Face to Face Interaction with Amit Gulecha, a Full-time Stock Trader (Part 2)

This is yet another interesting video in our Face to Face series of videos. Do watch the video till the journey of a full time Stock Trader. Visit us - https://www.elearnmarkets.com/ if you want to headstart your career or want to upgrade your knowledge in the stock markets.

In continuation to our successful video series on Face to Face, we bring before you another interesting Interaction video with Amit Gulecha, a #Fulltimetrader (this video is in continuation to the video on Face to Face with a Successful Trader (From REGULAR JOB to FULL-TIME TRADING, Link : https://youtu.be/1PnyVuBhC8s). 

In the previous video, we have discussed as how shifting from a regular job to full-time trading is not an easy decision of life. This journey is a blend of experience, knowledge, skills, and determination.

Taking this topic ahead,  we continue our interactions in the face to face series with Mr. Amit Gulecha, (a full-time trader & a Chartered Accountant) and Mr. Vivek Bajaj, Co-Founder of #Elearnmarkets & #StockEdge.

Whether you are a beginner in the stock market or an experienced stock trader, you will agree that with stock markets, every day is new learning.  Mr. Gulecha will share his learning experience and will enrich the stock trades with his 10 years+ market experience.

This video will explain the viewers as to how to deal with research and temperament in the stock trading market. Often investors or traders loose their mental control in taking market decisions. Mr. Amit Gulecha will explain with the help of example as to how important it is to maintain the balance between the two.

Apart from above, he will also explain as to the importance of mental stability while trading.  He will also explain as to how running behind everything in stock market will not lead you anywhere and making firm goals in life will take you to next level.

As a bonus point, Mr. Amit Gulecha will also explain as to which was his first trade and the logic behind the trade taken.

All this and much more awaited in this video. Watch the video till to know all the important points that he has to say about his trading style. You can also join Mr. Amit Gulecha in his webinar- https://bit.ly/2YwHPoh where he will discuss on Trading Psychology.

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