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Face2Face: सफल Trader बनने के सही नुस्खे, सीखें Full-Time Trader Abhishek Kar से |

Meet Mr. Abhishek Kar, who will take you through his life's journey and will give a power-packed session on life, strategies and the stock market.

In this conversation between the Co-Founder of #Elearnmarkets and #StockEdge Vivek Bajaj and Mr. Abhishek Kar, a strategist, and a disciplined trader, you will learn the importance of developing a strategy in trading and investing with sound knowledge of your subject.

Mr. Kar comes from a non-business background. But with his hard work, his quest to enter into the stock market, and the enthusiasm to do something of his own, he has become a successful trader in the stock market.

With this video, he will also help the novice traders to know what thumb rules should they follow before entering in the stock market and what could be the size of the capital with which they can begin.

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