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Face2Face : सीखें ट्रेडिंग, डेरिवेटिव एनालिस्ट, Chandan Taparia से

In this Face to Face series, Mr. Chandan Taparia, a Derivative Strategist, Motilal Oswal in conversation with our co-Founder of Elearnmarkets, StockEdge & Kredent Money guiding you through the world of derivatives and Options trading specifically.

In this video "Face2Face : सीखें ट्रेडिंग, डेरिवेटिव एनालिस्ट, Chandan Taparia से" you will learn as to how keeping the flow of learning is so important in today's dynamic world. Also, he emphasizes the fact that it is very important to learn from your own and other's mistakes as well. It is only through personal experience that you will be able to make it sail through the stock market or any other phase of life.

Mr. Taparia will also explain as to what are the steps or the process that novice investors or those who are new to share market, should take to become a matured option trader. He has explained almost every aspect that a novice options trader should take to become more mature in the stock market. He further goes on to explain as to how can one take advantage of option trading.

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