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Face2Face: Success Mantra from a Successful Trader Abhijit Paul!

Meet investor, trader, instructor and influencer Abhijit Paul sharing the life of a trader and trading for a living.

In this video, Mr. Paul will discuss some important aspects of "Life as a Trader" and how "Trading for a Living" gives a person the real freedom he/she desires. Further, in this video, he explains how a lot of people can make a lot of money from good trading & investing if he/she follows a process which he describes as- Knowledge, Execution, "Jigar" (GUTS) and "Sabar" (PATIENCE).

In this 34 minutes, Co-Founder of #Elearnmarkets and #StockEdge Vivek Bajaj and Abhijit Paul will also be discussing the 2 types of audiences -

1. Younger Population who has just stepped into the trading & investing and

2. Established people who want to become a trader as a full-time trader.

He says trading & investing is not at all easy like a ready to make coffee machine. It, in fact, needs learning, knowledge, a process and patience. In his words, it's his belief that trading should be your passive income. He suggests to all the aspiring traders that unless you are sure that it is something you enjoy doing do not leave your full-time job/business.

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