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First Baby Step towards successful Investing (HINDI)

First Baby Step towards successful Investing (आपका पहला सरल पड़ाव कामयाब निवेश करने के लिये|) - Watch the video to know the steps.

Many people think that stock research is a complex process and only experts can undertake it.

But in reality, this is not so. Anyone can carry out Stock Research with proper Knowledge. This video talks about two simple steps that an individual can undertake in order to carry out stock research.

Step 1: Keep your eyes and ears open and observe your everyday surroundings to find out which company/companies goods and services are selling the most

Step 2: Once you have identified such company/companies, you can go through that company/companies' financial statements, their management reports, annual reports, etc and once you are satisfied with these you can undertake a well-informed investment decision.

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