How to Analyze a Stock? - All you need to do before Investing or Trading. Watch till the End

Learn how to analyze a company using both fundamental and technical analysis for a listed equity stock in financial markets. Using #StockEdge (download free - you can study any script to analyze historical financial data as well as technical charts. Must watch till the end to learn to analyze stocks independently.

In this video #Elearnmarkets & #StockEdge co-founder Vivek Bajaj explains in very simple language technical as well as fundamental indicators to be used. You can be your own technical analyst and find support, resistance level, RSI, CCI, William % R, MACD, ADX, ATR, Stochastic and much more. All you need to see is a ladder of technical analysis parameters which is there in the app. To learn about these parameters, you can download this free ebook from -

Peer group comparison or an industry-wise comparison using different parameters and ratios like market capitalization, Earning Per Share, Price Earning or PE Ratio, liquidity ratio, profitability ratios. Also one can find out the trailing EPS vis a vis the annual EPS. Check quarterly results and check profit and loss account, cash flow statement and balance sheet in easy to understand visual representation. Compare items like Depreciation, Interest, PBT etc. Ratio analysis is also available for instance growth ratios, efficiency ratios, solvency, cash flow ratios, valuation ratios.

Also, you can read annual reports and listed to con-calls, check shareholding pattern, the names of people in the Board of Directors.

Whether you are an experienced market professional or a student, to learn financial markets register on for FREE.

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