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How to Invest your Salary for Financial Independence? (Hindi)

How to Invest your Salary for Financial Independence? अपने सैलरी को कैसे निवेश करें

We work so hard to earn a living but may not invest it well enough to live a well-planned life. Thus in this video, we discuss how to channelize our salary to make a difference not only in our but also in our family's life. How to plan our present to lead a tension free future. How to divide our salary and understand the basic principles of discipline and planning. What are the components which make up our expenses? This and much more are explained in this video.

To read more about how to split our salary to save and spend wisely, read about the 50/30/20 rule here - https://www.elearnmarkets.com/blog/want-to-start-saving-follow-the-50-30-20-rule/

To learn about financial planning and wealth management in depth, click here - https://www.elearnmarkets.com/courses/display/financial-planning-and-wealth-management

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