How to learn the Stock Market for free?

In this video Co-Founder of #Elearnmarkets & #StockEdge Vivek Bajaj will tell you - How to learn the Stock Market for free?

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This video talks about how to learn stock markets. Lots of people trade and invest in the markets to generate profits and create wealth. But this is only possible if you 1st learn the nitty-gritty of the stock market. No matter how much you listen to the broker, media channel, friends and family; you need to develop your own skill set to succeed in the stock market.

Stockedge not only provides necessary data and analytics, but it also provides the right learning that too free of cost. It helps you in becoming independent so that you understand every aspect of the market.

The 1st source of learning is the Learn section where you will get the text and the relevant youtube video which helps you in understanding the basic conceptual framework of understanding the market. Every page in Stock edge has page info at the top. It is the perfect blend of learning and manual of the app.  

Apart from this, you can have an understanding of the complex terms with the help of "I" where you get the literature and you get a short video on the concept. 

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