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How to use India's Top Stock Market App?

In this video, Co-Founder Of #Elearnmarkets & #StockEdge has explained - How to use India's Top Stock Market App?

If you want to watch the video in Hindi-

Stockedge has been created for the retail audience so that they get relevant, sensible and filtered information which has utility value instead of getting bombarded with news from all forms of media and people whom we know.

My home section contains a lot of data and analytics, my stockedge helps to customize stockedge based on your need, and the premium level which helps in taking you to the next level of decision making.

The sections that are very relevant for you are daily updates, stocks section, FII/DII activity, derivative data, scans, sector analysts, investors. Then there are learn features, free text, and videos to learn about finance or markets. It also contains information about bulk deals etc.

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