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In 30 minutes Learn How to Exit a Stock (Hindi)

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In this video, Mr. Chetan Panchamiya and Mr. Vivek Bajaj will talk about the best time and way to exit a trade and save money in the process as well.

The speakers will also discuss how to decide to re-enter a trade once we have exited. With the help of the "Scans" section in StockEdge, we will see how the traders can check out the 52-week high zone for companies that can influence our exiting decisions.

Another important question that we will answer with this video is, as an investor, how do we decide which stock to put our money in. Mr. Bajaj also discusses the importance of the 52-week high in deciding which stock is in its bullish or bearish phase. With the help of a practical example, the speakers will discuss how the 52-week high can influence our decision to invest in this stock, along with getting a support zone to invest in, and a certain stop-loss zone as well.

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