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३० मिनट में intraday trading सीखें, एक ट्रेडर से |

Adding a new video to the #Marketshalaseries, find here an interesting and most talked about topic #intradaytrading, ३० मिनट में intraday trading सीखें, एक ट्रेडर से | Ever thought how you can headstart your career in stock markets? 

All our efforts behind making these videos is to explain the #stockmarket terms in the simplest possible manner.  This video is on one of the most favorite topics for beginners in the stock market. 

In this video, we will understand as to why intraday trading sounds to be so exciting. What is so special and exclusive about intraday trading. We will basically be talking about the golden #intradayrules that will help you to improve your intraday trading skills.

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