Know about Algo trading in 40 minutes

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Face2Face series on "Know about Algo trading in 40 minutes" we have with us Mr. Vivek Bajaj, who will decode the secrets of Algo trading with Mr. Nitesh Khandelwal, an Algo trader and the director of QuantInsti, one of the largest Algo trading desks in India and a leading Algo trading institute.

Algorithmic trading might seem very complicated, but with this video, Mr. Bajaj aims to prove to you that anyone with an academic background can pick up techniques in Algo trading if they want to do and if they can develop an analytical perspective to their trades.

We will discuss systematic trading, which Mr. Khandelwal considers to be the first step in understanding the definition of Algo trading. Usually, people use algorithms for statistical purposes, but in this video, we will also discuss the scope of algorithms for investment and fundamental and technical analysis and trading.

Mr. Khandelwal will also discuss an easy example of a systematic trade with some algorithmic code as well. He will also explain the functions of the different components of the code and some technical indicators and ratios as well, and the importance of learning. These components to make successful trades in the market with computational finance.