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Learn the Art of Stock Portfolio Creation from a Portfolio Manager.

In this video of the Face2Face series, Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder, StockEdge, Elearnmarkets, will talk to an expert portfolio manager, Mr. Amit Kumar Gupta, who has years of experience of portfolio creation in international and domestic stock markets.

We will begin our discussion with an introduction to Mr. Gupta, how he became a portfolio manager and a stock market investor. We will touch upon his very own logic and rules of thumb behind his approach to efficient portfolio creation, asset allocation and diversification.

Following this, Mr. Gupta will start his exhaustive and knowledgeable presentation on we can all create and manage our portfolios through the most efficient investing and trading decisions.

Mr. Gupta will start his discussion with discussion with the concept of scuttlebutt, and how this term used in firms has evolved to become quite useful while conducting fundamental analysis of profitable stocks in the market.

Considering his own experience, Mr. Gupta will discuss examples of where and how he used this concept to create the best possible diversified and efficient portfolio for his clients.

Next, we will begin our conceptual discussion on the fundamental analysis of stocks for portfolio management, by talking about the various books and movies that beginners can use to learn more about the practicalities of the stock market, and how the environment around us can affect the information we use to make our trading or investing decisions.

We will continue with the pros and cons of identifying and investing in cyclical stocks, and how to identify the cycles of these stocks to catch them at their best prices. To put this knowledge into a practical perspective, Mr. Gupta will pick up a case study to better explain how scuttlebutt, asset allocation and cyclical stocks together can help us achieve an effective allocation in our portfolio.

Next, Mr. Gupta will discuss a unique topic, about the various cultural factors that can affect our decision-making process when we begin making our portfolio, and how these factors can influence our mindset when we decide upon the stocks. We will see how we can also use these factors, among others, to confirm ongoing trends in price movements in the stock market.

Finally, Mr. Gupta will combine all the knowledge shared in this video, to help beginners and experts alike, come up with an action plan to achieve the best kind of asset allocation, and diversification for their portfolio.

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