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Learn the Master Blaster Strategy for Stock Trading & Investing

In this video of the Face2Face series, we will continue our conversation between Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder, StockEdge, Elearnmarkets, and Mr. Premal Parekh, as we talk about how the Relative Strength Index can help us create efficient stock trading and investing strategies.

We will begin our video with a revision of the basics of Relative Strength, and its various uses to the knowledgeable trader. We will discuss how Mr. Parekh decided to choose the RSI indicator as his go-to tool when it comes to the technical analysis of stocks as well.

Next, we will touch upon the basic difference between relative strength and the relative strength index, and the implications of each of them to our trading and investing strategies as well.

We will also talk about how the relative strength of a stock in the market can help us identify lowly performing stocks and then suitably create the required stock trading and investing strategies for them.

To begin our technical discussion, we will focus on showing the effectiveness of the investing and trading strategies that Mr. Parekh showed us through the working of relative strength on the charts.

We will first see how the stocks selected through relative strength and the RSI have performed in the current market scenario which has changed drastically due to the pandemic. He will once again talk about how technical charting platforms like Trading View have helped him bring clarity to his plan of action when it comes to trading with the power of relative strength.

We will see some of Mr. Parekh’s research-based and RSI-based calls on the stock market, and he will explain the theory behind these calls, and how they are currently faring in the stock market, and how these calls are able to give considerable returns in varying spans of time as well.

Following that, we will take a deeper dive into the various benefits of relative strength, through the case studies which show us some extensive stock trading and investing strategies, which can help us see the advantages that this useful indicator provides to us.

These case studies are focused on some real-life trades which Mr. Parekh has identified with his own teachings of the relative strength and the RSI indicator. We will take a look into the whole process of how Mr. Parekh creates his trading or investing model and strategy, once he identifies stocks based on the RSI and relative strength.