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Sandeep Jain से सीखें शेयर बाजार से पैसे कमाने का सही तरीका।

In this video of our Face2face series, watch a candid conversation between Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder, StockEdge, Elearnmarkets, and Mr. Sandeep Jain, as they decode the steps to investing in stocks through a combination of options, fundamental analysis and technical analysis in the stock market.

Mr. Jain will first discuss the theory behind why he sees this combination as a good way to make money from the stock market. We will begin the video with a presentation on the basics of stock picking and how we can find the best stock to invest in with the right kind of criteria.

Mr. Jain discusses basic examples from his own life to see how we can build a stock screener environment of our own to go beyond the basic fundamental parameters. We will also highlight some unique technical parameters and other factors like corporate governance as well.

Following this, Mr. Jain will go through an exhaustive list of parameters he looks out for while doing fundamental analysis, with some practical examples of how he uses these parameters. We will also discuss the parameters Mr. Jain uses after doing effective technical analysis of stocks with some basic examples.

After this, we will discuss the essentials of an effective corporate governance analysis, and the various factors we should look out for to avoid any red flags in businesses and identify some underrated stocks in the market which have some good corporate governance fundamentals.

Mr. Jain will further break down the list of relevant sources we can use to analyze a company in the best way possible, to ensure that we are able to pick out the best stocks for investing or trading.

Also, Mr. Jain will show us an investment and trading planner that can help people manage their trades and investment successfully. Next, we will discuss seven detailed steps to be able to blend fundamentals, technical parameters, and options to make money effectively in the stock market.

We will talk about the fundamentals of options writing and how we can avoid aggressive trading in options to avoid making unnecessary losses. Next, with practical case studies on multiple companies, we will discuss some standards on our fundamental and technical parameters we can keep to maintain a good quality of stocks to screen our investments from, and we will see the importance of doing such an analysis on a periodical basis. Here, Mr. Jain will show a pre and post-lockdown analysis of his chosen stocks with his own framework.