शेयर बाजार में कदम रखने से पहले ये 15 मिनट जरूर देखें।

In this video of our निवेशशाला series, Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder, StockEdge, Elearnmarkets, will discuss the basic steps that beginners of the stock market should follow before they make their first trade or make their first investment in the market.

Mr. Bajaj will first revise his golden rule of 10,10,10 while investing in stocks, a strategy which can be used by any trader or investor. Along with this, Mr. Bajaj will discuss some doubts that viewers might have had while trying out the 10,10,10 strategy, like the method of choosing stocks, etc.

Next, we will discuss how we can develop our own circle of competence and make it positively influential, so that we can make the best investing and trading decisions for our portfolio.

From writing blogs to connecting on various social media sites, we will explore the various sources of improving our environment and how our circle of influence can be improved and expanded as well.

Next, Mr. Bajaj will discuss the various advantages of becoming part of a community of like-minded traders and investors, and how it can help one improve their approach to the stock market, and help them improvise on their market strategies as well.

Moving ahead, Mr. Bajaj will answer a very important question that beginners might have before investing or trading for the first time – how do we identify the right time and the right stocks to enter the stock market with?

For this, Mr. Bajaj will discuss his theories and his two popular methods for entering the market with the right stocks. First, he will discuss the basics of retracement in technical analysis and how to identify it to invest in the market timely.

Also, we will discuss how our strategy to enter the market can differ, as per the type of trader we are in the stock market, and we will discuss how entry into the stock market differs for a breakout trader and a retracement trader, and how their entire strategy can change accordingly.

We will discuss the type of soft skills, like temperament, that each type of trader requires in the market to identify the best entry opportunities for themselves, and we will discuss how traders and investors can identify the right demand and supply zone in the stock market for making the most profitable entry in the markets.