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कैसे जाने की ऑप्शन चैन में Option Buyer है या Seller

In this video, Mr. Chetan Panchamia & Mr. Vivek Bajaj will discuss on the topic कैसे जाने की ऑप्शन चैन में Option Buyer है या Seller|

In this conversation, Mr. Chetan Panchamiya will resolve the various myths underlying the concept of option chain. He will logically give you the answers to the various complex questions related to the option chain. Mr. Panchamiya will also eliminate the confusion as to whether an options trader is an option buyer or option seller in an option chain.

Based on the concepts of open interest and strike price, this discussion will take you to the nitty-gritty of option chain and options trading. He will also take you to the website of NSE India and explain the concept of option chain practically along with the calculations given on the website. You must watch this video to understand the concept practically in a very simple and organized manner.

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