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३० मिनट में बने options chain में expert | सीखें एक real options trader से !

In continuity to our efforts for creating stock market awareness for our retail traders, this video is specially dedicated to #Optionstrading. In this video, we will be discussing the option chain and how easily you can become an option chain expert after watching this video. So do watch the video till the end to get the most of it.

Before understanding about option chain, one should plan his research well. In this video, we will understand how to plan this research and go ahead in the options market. Based on this we will understand how the following 5 factors give you a holistic view of the markets and help you understand the direction of the markets:
Price action
Open interest (in case you are trading in futures)
Option study/ Option Chain (including option writing in terms of call-put)
Market Breadth

Apart from the above, you will also get an understanding of what kind of options contract is now traded in India and why should you consider the options market from the sellers' perspective.

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