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Profitable Trading Strategies using CCI [Commodity Channel Index]

The Commodity Channel Index (CCI) Oscillator helps us to find out cyclical trends in security. Find out stocks based on CCI oscillator using StockEdge application.

The CCI is used to identify trends not only in commodities but also in stocks and currencies. Traders and Investors use CCI to identify price reversals, price extremes, and trend strength. It has a range from +100 to -100. The area above +100 is an overbought region, the area between +100 and -100 is a normal region and the area below -100 is oversold region. The '0' (zero) line is the marker between the bull and bear territory. In a deep correction, the CCI of a stock would go below -100 and now if a bullish correction takes place, the CCI of a stock would go above -100 and if the bullishness increases the CCI of the stock would go above 0 (zero) and if the bullishness momentum continues the CCI would eventually go above +100. If a bearish reversal takes place the CCI moves below +100, then 0 (zero) and then -100. Use StockEdge application to find out stocks which are showing Bullish or Bearish signal in CCI indicator.

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