Share trading करके पैसे कमाने का एक सरल तरीका : सीखें demand और supply zone के बारे में |

Adding another video to #Marketshalaseries, we bring before you another video on #Sharemarket - "Share trading करके पैसे कमाने का एक सरल तरीका : सीखें demand और supply zone के बारे में" by our Market Stalwarts Vivek Bajaj and Chetan Panchamiya.

Each of the videos created at #Elearnmarkets and #StockEdge brings amazing financial market content for our viewers. Keeping the feedback of our viewers in mind, this video will help you to know how to use demand and supply zone in share markets to make money from stock markets.

In this video, we will discuss the various market players in the share market. We will understand as to how we can use discipline, power of information, experience and benefit from the demand and supply zone. Further, we will also understand as to what leads to the breakouts. Apart from this, we will see as to what creates a range in a market. What types of traders can create such type of scenario in the share markets?

This video will give you a step by step approach in understanding as to how does a trend creates, following which how does a range forms and then how does a demand and supply zone come up.

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